Saturday, 23 July 2016

24 Hours to Waikiki

From balcony this morning Waikiki Hoiday Inn Express

From our balcony Holiday Inn Express
After three flights from Dublin to New York, New York to LA, and LA to Honolulu-we are one night and one flight away from Molokai tomorrow morning.  I'll get a chance to write all about the island and all it's quirks over the coming days-for now, I am fatigued!  The range of staff commitment to costumer comfort and care across the American Airlines crew this trip was shocking.  I have to say Dublin was the worst.  The priority line was longer and slower than all of the other lines. We didn't complain like many others as we were grateful to bag a Business Seat for a great price.  While in the line, an employee was interrogating each family/individual waiting to check in.  When in was our turn, we were asked all kinds of personal questions.  This is not unusual when you reach the ticket desk-normally questions about who packed the bag, have you kept it in your sights all the time, has anyone asked you to take something for them etc. This man asked what was the name of my boss and how long I had worked with him.  Where we lived and what was the purpose of our trip.  Where will we stay...I answered mostly with family in the five states we will visit and he was doubtful.   He also kept everyone at a distance from the individuals he was talking with and acted very mysterious. I am not sure if there was an immediate concern so he was vetting the passengers .  I was a little unnerved, but he did give us each our security stickers.  Once on the plane, I fell asleep for the near 7 hour flight to New York. From New York to LA we had the lie flat seats and after a lovely meal of 'meatloaf' and a chocolate Sunday.  I  slept to LA.  Despite my excitement, the Fibro Fatigue hit me, just when the most attentive and genuine crew with American was with us from LA to Honolulu.  We took a taxi for our one night in Waikiki-right on the main drag with a view of the ocean.   Too bad we are both knackered!  Short one hereoff to bed and will post photos tomorrow for this post.

Day 19


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