Sunday, 17 July 2016

Cleaning and Spa Day with #Fibromyalgia and #Lupus #spoonies Day!

Do you have to dedicate an entire day to clean the house?  Let me remind you before you answer, that my house is in England-not New England where house are over 500 sq. ft., but UK, England where most of them are not. Our house is small, a two up two down cottage.  Several years ago my husband and father in law made it three up-but that was just to split the largest room in two.  Our single bathroom is cramped toilet, sink bath/shower about the size of a small kid's closet.  We do have a second toilet crammed under the stairs.  I was supposed to clean yesterday and wake up early this morning to go to church.  It didn't happen.  But that is okay! So, I settle to enjoy cleaning-next to Godliness and have a pamper spa day in the mix.  *Just a note, I am not affiliated and don't earn on any of the clicking-just there for your convenience!*
I woke up at 3.48 am, 4 am, then 5 am, then uncomfortable, lathered my throbbing lower legs with 'Aspercreme' gel (I got this on my last trip to the USA) and slept until 9.39 am.   My legs were stuck, so I lifted them carefully and shuffled to brush my teeth.  I normally use a manual brush, but my wrists have been hurting and my husband bought me an electric one; today I broke it in!  Wow, what a difference, highly recommend.  I washed my face with Estee Lauder Take it Away and a warm wash cloth.  I use a fresh washcloth every day, one of my little luxuries.  I put a mask on using a sample pack of Omorovicza Gold Hydralifting Mask and settle with a cup of coffee after taking all of my medication. On the weekends I go slow-conserving energy.  I don't know if you can get this, but I have to mentally cheer myself on and break the day into small do able tasks.  The mask says to leave on for 10-15 minutes and wipe off the excess-but with my dry skin, there is no excess!  I just enjoy the fragrance and let it all soak in.
So, it is now 4.50 pm.  I have managed to do most of the house and tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday will tackle the organisation of my office and pack for our holiday.  I just am too plum tuckered to finish it all.  Throughout the cleaning, I took little breaks.  I am obsessed with finding new lipsticks to try and a Kiko Milano has opened in the mall near to where I work-I have a power facial and testing of foundation with Estee Lauder on Tuesday so I have spent some time looking through #kikotrendsetters, uploaded their App onto on my phone and made a wishlist  of some different colour combinations to try in store. Throughout the day I have sprayed my face with Vitamin E mist from The Body Shop, exfoliated my lips with Elf lip exfoliator and followed this with Fresh Sugar Lip Balm-which I don't really recommend as they go soft too easily-I just have some left over and scrapped it out of the tube.  I had a light wash and covered my feet and hands with Soap and Glory Hand Food  and Heel Genious.  I also toned my face and put on some medication for psoriasis-will wash that off before bed and try something new to me, a sample of Pixi Overnight Glow Serum.  I tried their Glow pads at Marks and Spencer and the next day I got so many compliments about my skin-might just be coincidence-but I sure will try it.  
The best part about Cleaning and Spa days are that I feel accomplished by the end of them.  I have taken care of my environment and my body; while allowing myself to go at my own pace.  I tend to use it as a time to intermittently fast too-I have a sluggish tummy, so by not eating and drinking copious amounts of water-and some fizzy drinks too (you gotta live!) Plus the fizzy and fast helps on the day after my Methotrexate dose, I tend to get really super nauseous.  Tonight I look forward to a salad and steak-all Slimming World friendly.  My husband makes the steak to perfection and I just sort the salad-so, I have charged my batteries a bit too-
As a side note-I did come across an interesting article on a news site today about the new Pokemon game that has everyone up and running to hatch eggs and find virtual characters.  This past week at school one of my students was telling me about how concerned she was that students were being unsafe, going into deserted areas-I have to admit I passed it on straight away and all the kids in our school watched a video on safety with the game.  What interested me was the argument that 'gamers' were getting exercise and some thought it would be an antidote for obesity while others argued that walking was not exercise at all.  I was surprised to hear that many people have dropped a size and some claim they realized how unfit they were.  I am not sure what I think at this point.  I'll have to do some more research.  
Well, that was a bit of a jump in topic-but hey, this is live streaming :)  I am off to listen to a sermon,  research a few more lipstick colours, have dinner and call it an early night!  

Love on Day 14,


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