Sunday, 10 July 2016

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Today is a Fibromyalgia recharge day.  I woke up very late with only a spoonful of energy.  I don't regret at all using most of my allocation on the past four days training to teach Mindfulness as I have blogged about earlier. I have already used many of the practices when following the eight week course to fall asleep. I was formally diagnosed in 2011 after years of investigation-by 2008 I was over 300 lbs and stressed to the max with trying to pinpoint why I was feeling so unwell.  Thankfully one specialist really helped me by aggressively evaluating my thyroid dose to find the optimum level for me.  I was also prescribed Amitriptyline at night to help me sleep and thus began the transformation of my health.  In 2015 I was sent to a dermatologist about my severe psoriasis and under their care a referral to the Rheumatologist  confirmed that I had Lupus.  Lupus and Fibromyalgia are co-morbid in about one third of people with Lupus. Fibromyalgia does not turn into Lupus, but those with Lupus may develop Fibromyalgia.  So, the fact that I was formally diagnosed with Lupus after my FMS diagnosis, is most likely due to error.   I am happy to say that I am now on the right medication for both conditions.  I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine for the Lupus-and since I started the effects are wonderful-so, I do feel that when I have crash days, it is the Fibromyalgia rearing its head!
Fibromyalgia is hard to explain-I have borrowed the image from to give you a visual of the symptoms that one with FMS can have.  They can occur at anytime in any combination.  For me, fatigue, morning stiffness, insomnia and sleep disrupted by myofascial pain syndrome-is pretty much constant.   I am blessed with an amazing husband who gets that I need to go slow every now and again to bank those spoons!  Today I  have settled down in our bedroom with the laptop and some lovely candles from Bath and Body Works (sorry UK readers-a gift from my sister in the USA).  Although I have just heard about this company called, Go Send-I'll be testing them in the autumn.  They give UK residents an American postal address and ship to us at a lower cost?!  We will sDisplaying IMG_20160710_182714.jpgee.  Today I Displaying IMG_20160710_185021.jpgread, surfed, slept and intermittently had a spa day.  I have the Lupus Wolf mask-awooo, as you can see in my picture after a cleansing mask by Nip+Fab (the photo is at an odd angel-but, hey, it's all good).  Displaying IMG_20160710_185021.jpgI love this stuff and use it once a week for a deep clean.  I followed this by Clarins HydraQuench cream mask for dehydrated skin and after ten minutes took it off with Clarins Extra Comfort Toner.  Displaying IMG_20160710_185021.jpgMy face feels so hydrated and I follow this with Estee Lauder night repair and eye cream; because by the time I finish my routine, it is time for bed.   So, I am off to sleep soon and am feeling recharged to a degree.  I had Slimming World soup with potatoes for dinner-trying to claw back a bit from some over indulgence the last few days.  Tomorrow I will do a post on my weight loss to date and how I hope to maintain over the summer holidays-wow, in two weeks from today I shall be in Hawaii-totally looking forward to posting from our rented house by the water!  Sweet dreams all.

Love on Day 7,


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