Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Figuring Out #Menopause with #Fibromyalgia NOT Yet #Postmenopausal Hallelujah?

Okay-so, I get it now.  Please stop reading now if you are a bit, well...not into talking menopause reality!  So, I didn't think on day 9 of my re-launch, I would be getting this personal.  But, hey, it isn't really personal, just life.  I am an educated woman, but I have been perplexed. In my post yesterday, I think I was just overcome with worry and a bit of fog, as I freaked out over if we ever get out of menopause.   I just visualized myself as a tiny woman banging my fists up against a huge womb-sorry, if that image is too graphic, but that is exactly what I feared.   I completely blanked on the three stages: perimenopause (this word is not known in my dictionary), menopause and postmenopause. So, I thought I was postmenopausal, but after today's ultrasound (where I was absolutely normal, thank God), I learned that in actuality I am not post, but still going through it-the specialist informed me that for some women this might mean two years after the last menses.  So what are all of these pelvic pains?
Interestingly enough, I read a few articles on line about how Fibromyalgia makes it difficult to diagnose pelvic issues because of our lower pain thresholds and chronic myalgia.  As I do approach postmenopause I am going to have to listen more to my body-I don't want to dismiss anything by just saying it is my FMS or Lupus.  But, now that my head is clear of worry-I can start planning my dance into the next chapter of my beautiful life.  Corny, huh?  In all seriousness, I feel blessed today.  I am especially grateful to the NHS.  Their swift response with the ultrasound-I was seen in seven days and it would have been sooner but I was away.  The lovely woman who took care of me was both kind and professional.
I know it might sound strange-but, I was worried something might be wrong and that was the reason I have been able to lose weight.  I discounted my hard work straight away...just noticing that thought process in myself.  I have some work to do internally as well as externally-I'll begin by doing the post about where I was at over 300 lbs to where I am today.  I'll be sure to start early tomorrow-it will be a long one!
So, on that note-I will close with a grateful heart.

Love on Day 9,


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