Thursday, 21 July 2016

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to me!  I have arrived and at 51 feel no different then 50-but definitely better than any age in my 40's.  I looked at a lot of quotes about aging and nothing appealed to me-it seemed most of them are too old for me-I guess in another decade, I might be interested in posting positive, inspirational age memes, but for today, I am just content feeling like I still have a few more chapters to write. I had a lovely day.  I slept until late, had a few lazy coffees WITH creamer, surfed instagram and tried to figure out how to add subscribing to my blog-check-so do subscribe or G+.  It means I too can find out about you!
I went into Buxton to do a few final errands before flying out tomorrow to Dublin for the night-Easy Jetting it and staying over to fly the next morning to Hawaii.  I had a bit of a spring in my step and once again, the warm weather was a treat.
The funniest incident was in Marks and Spencer.  I was at the till purchasing a size 12-yes, applause!  That is a 8/10 in USA pair of cropped denim jeans, a few salads and a much needed white bra.  M & S corner the market for undergarments.   I started to pay by card and remembered I had a gift card-I told the woman at the till it was my birthday-it took a bit longer to search for the gift card.  The woman behind me was very grumpy indeed-when I found it and said sorry, she huffed-'Well I forgive you ONLY because it is your birthday, it wasn't nice to make me wait!'  I just smiled and off I went.  She had no idea the swelling of joy at trying on those size 12 jeans I was filled with-but, hey-we all walk around with stories, don't we.
I am not writing  much today-I have a to do list for packing, and though I had hoped to finish it all tonight-it didn't happen-I am off to bed for some needed ZZZ's.

Love on Day 18,


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