Monday, 11 July 2016

#Menopause I Thought I Knew All About It ?! #fabulousfifties

Well, I was hoping to write a post tonight about my weight loss so far.  But, as I said in my re-launch post, there will be variations in the length over the next 100 days.  Tonight, this will be a short and to the point paragraph or two.  I will be 51 in 10 days, can't believe this first year has just flown by.  So far, just like my mom told me, the fifties is just the beginning.  But, it also can be the end of some things.  I entered menopause officially in April of this year.  Wait, how long does menopause last? The rest of your life are you in menopause-or, do you go through it?  I thought I knew more than I do. I felt pretty blessed-I didn't suffer for too long with hot flashes or discomfort, well at least not out of the ordinary for my own norm.  I managed to lose weight despite the weeks of maintaining or gaining for no good reason really, and since September, have managed to lose 3 and a half stone.  I was surprised when I began to have menstrual symptoms several weeks ago and of course did what I shouldn't have done and searched on Google.
Every website I went onto made it clear that seeing your GP was a must and so I did-tomorrow I have an ultra sound to check that all is OK.  What is so weird is that after putting the phone down for the appointment confirmation, I panicked. I know the panic makes sense, but I honestly have been postponing my anxiety through deflection and mindfulness-but, tonight, I feel like I swallowed a jagged rock and it is just sitting in the pit of my stomach.  I am not focusing well at all and I am swapping between shivering and sweating-now the menopause symptoms start?!   I did the best thing I could after getting off of the phone, I went and got my finger and toe nails done in a bright pink-cheerful.  Nails Inc toes in Chiltern Park and CND Shellac in Tropix-absolutely perfect against the wet, dull skies in Manchester today.  Maybe I have just done the impossible and have changed the way nature works?  I'll know soon enough!

Love on Day 8,


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