Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mindfulness, Hot Cross Buns and Makeup

I begin to write after a full day of training to deliver a Mindfulness course to 7th-9th grade students next academic year as part of an Oxford University research study.   I am feeling absolutely elated as well as brain full.  In yesterday’s post I wrote about how I applied Mindfulness practice in my own life to manage OCD.   I imagine over the course of this blog I will dip in and out of exploring many branches of theory in practical application from psychology, counselling, magazines, self-help, pop-psychology-and just great advice.   All of our lifestyle choices-including fashion, body care and makeup! Are rooted in our psychological make up-nice play on words, no?!
As part of my training to be an Integrative counsellor we briefly tapped into Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  I have to be honest, I initially had a ‘doubting Thomas’ attitude, based entirely on my own bad experience with a therapist that I just didn’t connect with.  But, the cool truth is that the theory makes complete sense and is easily accessible in self-help form and especially accessible to young people.
So, I was really excited today when in the lesson entitled, ‘Recognising Worry’, we were introduced to the Hot Cross Bun theory.  Now, bear with me as I explain how this theory will totally justify your next purchase of any beauty product.  And, if you don’t think philosophically this is right-stop reading now!

The Hot Cross Bun Theory (image borrowed from Rachel Dutton) is a model that aims to support a break away from unhelpful soul destroying patterns of seeing the world in a negative frame of mind.

Our thoughts…I am not going to meet the work deadline, affect our feelings: I suck, I feel sad. Feelings affect our body sensations/physical symptoms: I have a headache and don’t feel great which affect our actions…not bothering to do anything today, think I will just curl up in bed and sleep until tomorrow.  Now, listen-we all have days like this, even longer-I call it being in a ‘funk’; but, sometimes the days can go to weeks, weeks to months and it is hard to get out of the cycle. 

Just note that this model does not suggest it is only circular, it is very possible for any of the four areas to be the instigator.  So how does this link to beauty?  I put it to the test.  One day, a few weeks ago,  I was in a low mood and feeling like I wasn’t making a difference in anyone’s life.  I felt ugly and washed out.  I took myself to the mall, went into a department store and sampled products that cleansed, toned and moisturized my face. I mindfully chose the products. smelt them, felt their texture and slowly applied products to my face.  I enjoyed being aware of their effect on me.   I was  soon so focused on the products, my body stopped itching and feeling achy.  I had transformed my doldrums through choosing to mindfully change the action that was most likely going to occur.  Going home miserable and hiding myself in the bedroom.

I want to write so much more!  But, the internet connection is weak-stay tuned for a bot more on this post and the next one tomorrow!

Love on Day 4,



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