Saturday, 9 July 2016

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Home, safe and sound.  The train journey from Repton to Stockport was pretty pleasant-a call out to Virgin Trains, you managed to impress me with trains that were on time, pleasant staff, very clean coaches and departures from platforms that made sense-no running across the bridge to catch a train going in the same direction as you came; plus enough room to store heavy luggage and bags.  I'll be sure to tweet!  On the journey home I thought about blogging-and think the idea of staying in real time makes sense and will be a bit of a challenge as well.  So, I want to start with a little praise for teachers.  I know I said this yesterday-but once more I must!


As you know, the training I just finished was for secondary school teachers.  I do hope one or two of them will be reading these words!  I can't tell you how proud I was to be in this profession after meeting the truly inspiring and dedicated teachers on this certification course.  I have to admit when I first became a teacher it was more out of necessity then a calling.  In the early years, I often said that if I became identifiable by sight as a teacher, I would quit.  I am not sure what I actually thought would happen to me once I started to teach.  My parents were both linguists at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey-they taught soldiers in the military from all branches to speak Arabic.  My mother was very chic and my father wore his Navy uniform-they weren't identifiable as teachers.  Even now, I wonder how I ever came up with that condition on myself.  I think the quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn says it all.  The last few days with twenty of us from all subject areas only made me more curious about the origins of my initial fear.  I took my glasses off and saw more accurately; and the beauty in each person was astounding, the course demands a personal practice in Mindfulness and part of this is to be kind to yourself and view life's challenges with curiosity taking a step back and exploring possibilities with a grateful heart.  For every teacher there it was for the benefit of the children they teach, to pass onto them this precious gift so they might have a life more blessed.   I arrived home with this sense of glow better than The Balm, Mary-Lou Manizer!  Although I must admit, Mary-Lou rocks and next week I will be purchasing a SLEEK highlighter palette to do some swatches and reviews, so watch this space!   I am up for an early night and ready to get back on the wagon diet wise before we jet off for the summer to Hawaii, Arizona, Texas, California and Massachusetts. So expect much on dieting and travelling.  Just a side-note, I will be looking into my personal use of Mindfulness on my psoriasis and chronic pain from FMS and Lupus-I have only learned that Kabat-Zinn has done research in this area with a healthy success rate.  Any input you might have is greatly appreciated-though I know at this moment my blog is young-so basically talking to myself!  So no matter when you may come across this post years from now-please do let me know!  Peace out. 
Love on Day 6, Leila 

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