Sunday, 24 July 2016

#Molokai Adventure Begins

We arrived at the airport at 10.30 am.  The taxi this morning and last night were both $40.00 to and from down town Waikiki.  Last time we came we took the Honolulu Airport Shuttle at $18 per person, so we figured a few bucks more would mean going straight to the hotel.  Tipping is always 15% in either case.  The plane to Molokai was so small-it only had 9 seats and we were asked for our weight prior to flying in order to be given a seat to keep the plane balanced.  No problem-no other intimate details asked!  The total was a$125.00 for each of round trip, not a bad fare at all.  The plane is maned by two pilots and the lovely lady next to the plane was the co-pilot for our trip.  I have to admit that the flight was scary!  I am not that great with heights at all-even standing on a chair freaks me out.  So, flying at a pretty high altitude in the clouds was tough going-I gripped my hand bag as if that would save me-it is Long Champs?!   The flight was thankfully short and once up for a few minutes, we were on our way down.  Mokulele Airlines has my deepest respect-it was easy transition through security, everyone was super friendly and the baggage was ready just a few minutes after we landed-brilliant.    We had rented a car with one of the only two agencies on the island-we went with the 'home grown' agency and had a little bit of a worry after we landed.  The island is very safe and we were told to collect the car from the parking lot just outside of the airport-the keys would be under the drivers side mat. We trekked the lot, and another one pretty close.  No car.  Of course, 3 mobile carrier meant no signal either.  I scrounged a few quarters and four phone booths later we still had no luck getting  through.  Thankfully we went to a stand at the tiny airport that sells seats on planes for $50.  They knew the woman who rented to us and gave us a ,'Good Luck' sad smile.  But, we managed to get through and find the car a long distance from the airport-a really nice man gave Chris a ride to find it.  The car was booked for someone else, but we took it and made our way to our house for the next five days.  The owner of the car agency emailed to apologize and all is well.  We hit the very lonely down town Molokai for some coffee-$18.99 for a small 8oz bag!  And some other groceries to set ourselves up for the week ahead. One of my favourite treats when travelling in America is Coffee Mate Vanilla Creamer that is in liquid form.  I love it!  Because everything has to be flown in-I'm not sure if there is also a shipping industry, the sizes of products are all Costco sized-large.  We noticed a lot of 'Kirkland' products sold as single items-but, it is to be expected when it takes a great amount of effort to bring anything to any of the islands.  But the frozen food was well worth grabbing a lot of tasty, though unhealthy, food not available in the UK.  Like a 24 box of egg and sausage muffins-had to have that!  We purchased a mini Hawaiian Plate meal to go-rice, meatloaf and chicken.  Delicious-we shared it for lunch and had a frozen pizza for dinner.  All washed down with beer and margaritas.  Perfect. I intermittently fast when I am on holiday, I don't see the point of depriving myself and the last several holidays I did the same; for both, I came back with a 2 pound gain.  My norm before would be anything between 7-14 pounds.  So, I feel I have finally found a system that works for me when on vacation.   Right now there is a weather warning for the islands and it is fiercely windy and very gloomy.  We are settling in with all the windows open to catch some breeze and get a good nights rest before planning on how we will explore the island tomorrow.  

Aloha and Maholo until tomorrow on day 20, Leila

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