Thursday, 14 July 2016

Notes from the end of Term-High School Teacher

What a day!  First off, I own up.  I was supposed to do Slimming World speed starting today-forget it, I am just having something to eat now-at 10.30 pm-and it is not speed!   You know how some days just zoom by and you wonder how on earth you are finally sitting down and still have loads to do?!  Hello-I get it.  I am munching on a malted bread BLT from Sainsbury's, I suppose better than the Big Mac I was craving earlier.  I am a teacher in a secondary school and things are very far from winding down.   I know there is a lot of controversy about the last week of school.  I am not a 'put a video in' kind of teacher-I generally have a final review and plan for the next year with a lot of summer holiday homework.  I  don't remember my own teachers being this tough-but, then again, in the USA you didn't carry on with a course over a few years only to have a final exam at the end of it all.   Not even in University.
So, tonight is another short one I am afraid.  I have tons to write about-but, tonight was our summer concert and a big meeting in the morning meant suit shopping right after-I bought, a huge risk, a cream suit from H & M with a nice black sleeveless blouse.  I have the perfect shoes from Next to wear with it, a slingback in black.  Tomorrow night I will have a lot of time to put all of the photos together and review away.  I also received a mini shipment of Elf products to chat about and an interesting difference between two high end brands when asking for samples.
I did buy the RapidBrow serum.  I tried to get a wax and tint with Benefit tonight, but short staffed.  I made an appointment for tomorrow-so, I'll have them done, take pics and come back after six months to review the results.
So, until tomorrow,

Love on Day 11,


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