Friday, 22 July 2016

On Route to Hawaii via Dublin #AmericanExpress #Travelperks

Hello from Dublin airport!  Many of my posts will be travel focused and some retrospectively.  But, this will be the first one I hope to blog about every day.  One benefit of teaching is having time to travel and as a couple, my husband and I make great travel companions and after 20 years, the last 10 where we have traveled somewhere at least six times a year, we have accumulated a bit of insight into how NOT to do things-and how best to do things.   As mentioned before, when I was very heavy, my husband became an expert on how to accrue miles, so much so he is our family and friends travel adviser-he is humble though and says there are many blogs that he refers to and many experts that he defers too.  I still think he knows his stuff and will ask him for details as much as possible when I write.  Many years ago we relied on Seat Guru and would pay the airline for the privilege of choosing the best economy seat using the info from the site.  It is still a brilliant website for that information and every cm counts!  After choosing the best seat possible, we always wore a blazer and looked as smart and glam as we could (a repeated piece of advice was to look like you belong in business!)  I am not sure this really worked.  Of course the best way is to plan well in advance and show loyalty to a group of airlines like Star Alliance, Sky Team or One World.  Which is now what we do-once I become more schooled in the details, I will pass them on.
For this trip, we are doing a multi-city tour and flew on a separate ticket from Manchester to Dublin with Ryan Air.   Ryan Air now offers a Business Plus ticket and we got it for just an additional £20 for the both of us-though this was a deal-they do offers on a regular basis.   It made a huge difference on a Friday night during the first week of the summer break.  We bypassed the long line to a dedicated check in and the ticket included 'fast track' through security. We use American Express as credit cards, and though their annual fee is hefty, the benefits soon outweigh the fee, especially if you are an avid traveler as we.  They include travel insurance a huge bonus and over the years we have had need of it and I feel so secure knowing that if anything happens we are covered.  
So, we left Manchester this evening at just after 6 pm and touched down at 7 pm. Of course, with Priority Pass, another perk from American Express, we used the lounge-a saving grace in an over crowded airport!  Just in case you are keen-the links below will take you to American Express-and if you go through my links you will get another 2,000 points on your Gold Card and another 5,000 on the Platinum Card-what are you waiting for!
Gold Card
Apply for the Preferred Rewards Gold Card and receive benefits, protections, and services. Plus you can earn 22,000 Membership Rewards points if you spend £2,000 in the first three months to redeem for flights, hotel stays or car hire.

PLatinum card
Apply for The Platinum Card and receive benefits, protections, and services. Plus you can earn 35,000 Membership Rewards points if you spend £2,000 in the first three months to redeem for flights, hotel stays or car hire.
We are using hotel points to stay the night at the Crown Plaza and will fly to Hawaii, Honolulu early in the morning. Just flying from Dublin, instead of London to the USA reduces the cost of the ticket by £700 pounds and there isn't high air tax on top either.  Even including flying here and hotel (if we paid) the savings would be enough for another ticket at a later date. 

Chris, my husband, and I tend to forgo nights out when we are home and really enjoy travelling the world in comfort.  Our general rule is if a flight 5 hours or longer, we want to try and upgrade.  Our holiday begins the moment our feet step into the airport!  

Everything went very smoothly today, I even managed to pack in a record 30 minutes-I have bought  some make up and had it shipped to my house in Monterey, California so it was nice to just pack a few essentials. While in Hawaii I just plan on using a lot of sunscreen, a bit of mascara, blush and lip gloss.  I'll blog about how to manage four weeks away with one suitcase!  

Off to relax a bit and sleep-early wake up call tomorrow and will blog somewhere between Dublin and Hawaii-or, at least once in Hawaii-isn't travelling so cool?!

Love on Day 19,


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