Wednesday, 13 July 2016

#SlimmingWorld #Weightloss of 9 Stone or 131 Pounds So Far Despite #chronicillnesses

I rise from the Atlantic ocean in all my glory, like Venus without the shell and cherubs. It was a wonderful vacation in 2008 when I tipped the scales at my highest at almost 21 stone and a half-about 301 pounds.   We flew on my birthday to Boston and it was sublime to gain an extra five hours all dedicated to me! Within an hour of landing, we were sitting with cocktails in hand at the top of the Prudential Center. But, the flight was not so great.  If you have ever been fat (by the way, I see no shame in being called fat-I never have) you know the drill-praying that the seat belt will fit, the back tray won't get stuck in your gut and that the person in front will NOT put their seat back at all, ever.  On the flight I had to ask for a seat belt extension; I did so in a hushed tone, to which the air hostess called to the back, 'Can I have an extension for 21J please.' You know, I could have cringed-but, I just smiled and  vowed to go on the internet to purchase my own personal extension- but at that time they were astronomical.  My weight never kept me from feeling beautiful and my husband did-does make sure I believe it.  Never once has he ever breathed an unkind word.  There were days when I would slump in sadness-I would feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all.  Once, on our first trip to Brussels,  I had a vision of sitting in the Grand Place outside on a lovely summer's day, sipping a cold fruit beer and watch the world for hours, moving only to catch more sun.  Problem-I could not fit into any of the wicker seats.  At one point, frustrated, I forced myself  into a chair, my heart beat moved to my thighs and hips.  I could not bear it, I stood up and the chair would not come off!  I cried, 'I hate myself!' My husband said, 'I will love you during the times you find it hard to love yourself.'   You know those moments were rare-but the underlying truth was I worried about my health.  Between what I now know was Fibromyalgia and Lupus sheer fatigue, brain fog and my thyroid out of wack-I was anxious and battled with OCD (that's another post on another day!)
At first I relied on going to weight loss groups and this did help me for a time; but, then the diet stopped working and I explored any new trend that was on the market. Soon, I felt like a failure trying to be a card carrying member for so many diets:  Oh no-I ran out of points, I had meat on potato day-or, was that potato on a meat day…wait, I calculated the net carbs wrong-you mean that had gluten in it?  That WAS raw right?   Can you milk this nut for me?  By the summer of my 50th birthday in July 2015 I was fried.  I was 50 and fat. But, I was no longer 21 stone and a half-I had managed through the maze of diets and a lot of positive mental attitude to get to 15 stone 11 pounds.  I had a talk with myself, 'Self, you have got to make your 50's the best decade so far-you got that self?'
I knew that intermittent fasting made me feel good-I liked how clear headed I could be on days when I reduced my calorie intake.  But, I needed the structure and support of others to begin the journey to finally getting to goal.   I joined Slimming World in September of 2015 and decided to biohack the diet with a day of fasting (600-800 calories) a week.  I didn't want to weigh my food and I wanted to try the new Food Optimizing plan.  I love the ethos of Slimming World, their empowering message of going at your pace and not giving up when things get tough.
I went to group faithfully for over twenty weeks and lost 3 stone 3.  My FMS flared and I was struggling getting to group-and lets face it, I am so competitive too-and taster sessions would keep me up hours planning and preparing a Lebanese SW friendly feast!  I moved my membership to online a month ago and I have lost another four pounds. I have also had several holidays since September and the key for me is to enjoy myself and get back on it when I return.  The great thing is that I only gain a few pounds instead of a stone-my eating patterns have changed dramatically.  I have a little of what I want-not a lot.  I don't deprive myself and I don't beat myself up-'Oh, I ate that cookie-that ruins the day, the week, the month...'  Every so often I have an intermittent fast day-sometimes it is just for a block of hours, sometimes from 6 pm to 6 pm the next day. This is just what I have found works for me.  A Biohacking Glamazon.
So the pictures to the right are the most recent-I'll be You Tubing this weekend as well with a catch up on where I am with the rest of my journey.  My plan is to stay right where I am at 12 Stone 2 until I come back from my summer away in America.  
Ah, I have now brought you to today.  I am taking it easy with a week of Speed starting tomorrow until next Friday when we jet off-more to come!

Love on Day 10,



  1. Leila, you inspired me to wear my Hot Tahiti lipstick to work on Monday after our chat in Repton. Much love, Kam xxxx

  2. Kam!!! I am right with you on that-I want a picture :) Hope you are doing very well, I loved the opportunity to have some chat time-very special. Lots of love and a .b xxxx