Friday, 15 July 2016

Vive La France

Dear Readers,

I take pause tonight in my daily blog posts.  As a child I was surrounded by English, Arabic and French.    In high school, I dreamed of visiting Paris and at 30, was able to finally visit.  My husband and I walked the city streets feeling safe and at home, as if we had been there together before.  On many occasions we would take a late Friday night flight from the UK to arrive after 11.00 pm and always found a restaurant open to enjoy wine and a meal with beautiful music and lively people.  One of our dearest memories is walking for hours on a crisp autumn day in the Père Lachaise Cemetery; we joined the many sitting and eating fresh baguettes with cheese under the canopy of trees, considering the national value of living life to the fullest.
How sad the news of yet again another atrocity on French soil-when will this inhumanity end.  

Je suis triste, vive la France,


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