Tuesday, 19 July 2016

#Wilko #BeautyProducts! How I have I Missed Out on This Store for 20 Years?!

Good evening Glamazons!  Especially those of you who are secondary teachers in the UK-or High School in the world!  Today was the last day of the year for those of us who teach in England-or, at least it will be this week for some, and possibly some have already started their six week break at the end of last week.   Can we talk about how important it is to spend the next several weeks recharging our batteries and taking care of that which we vow to do during term time!  I have decided enough is enough!  Two weeks ago I brushed off my small notebook and started blogging away.  I know realistically I am talking to myself-but, hey, I am a great listener!  I do feel really energized by this blogging stuff and love to talk about beauty, health and living life to its fullest potential.  I know a lot of my friends in the USA that are teachers-especially on the West Coast will be in their final weeks of vacation.  But, the party is just beginning here!  Now, we generally have six weeks off, whilst our US sisters have nearly three months-it depends on the state.  For us, though six weeks is pretty standard.  This week is one of my favorites of the year.  My birthday is on July 21st and we normally head out somewhere in the world for the first few weeks.  My husband and I will be flying to Hawaii on Friday-I'll enjoy doing my first travel blogs while away-though I aim to do a retrospective on Kiev in the next few days-so keep your eyes peeled.  Today after we broke early, I went to the Wilko nearest to where I work to check out the Essence Make up line.  I have heard about a few great products and believe it or not, Wilko is the store that carries this brand.
When I first moved to the UK in 1995, there was a Wilkinson not far from our house in Gravesend, Kent.  I thought it reminded my a lot of our Woolworth or Kmart in California-I would shop there for name brands at half the price-especially body and mouth care.  From about 2000, I just didn't frequent them anymore-until today.    Essence is a European brand, tough it is sold in the USA at Ulta and Target, that I keep hearing about on YouTube by 'Beauty Gurus'  I was looking in particular for a liner with three prongs from their 'Good Girl Bad Girl'-a multi-style liner.   They didn't have it in the store.  Not to worry, I will be in the US for 5 weeks and I will hunt for it while there.
I decided to look around while I was there and grabbed a few bargains!  I have been looking for a turban towel.  I bought one at Marks and Spencer for £6.00.  I found it at Wilko for .95 pence!  It is actually softer and wears just as well.  I was also looking for a toweling head band.   Boots does a great one for £3.00-but, again the Wilko one was .95 Pence.
My other luxury that I have mentioned in an earlier post is the use of a wash cloth every day.  I generally use it to dry my face after a shower in the morning and then use it to wash my face in the evenings.  Wilko had some (see picture) darling pink-a lovely shade, for .30 pence each!  I grabbed five and will certainly go and purchase more.  They did have white for the same price-which is great for a hot wash, but I loved the girly pink!
I also just put in a picture of a card from one of my students at the end of term-she knows me well!
So, that will be the end of this little post about your local Wilko-I will be sure to go again with a few pounds and check out the bargains.  Who doesn't love a great find?
After I left Wilko I headed out to Boots and Estee Lauder for a 'Power Facial'-I'll tell you more about that experience tomorrow-I never actually knew that this was a free service offered by them and I loved how it made my skin feel.  I also popped into our stand alone store for Kiko Milano Cosmetics-see my Instagram for my lipsticks of the day and today's will be from Kiko-will bring you a review of a few bits I got from there and from Elf Cosmetics.
Until then...
Love on Day 16, Leila

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