Monday, 19 September 2016

Weight Loss Plateau? Can A Month of Working Out Be The Cause?

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused.  I have read about and had anecdotal conversations with others about the last ten pounds-in my case fourteen.  They are supposed to be the toughest and right now, I totally agree.  I can't get over how that number on the scale tries to and has often ruled my emotions.  You know, when it goes down you feel awesome, when it goes up you feel dreadful.  I have come to grips with this slowly, aiming to remind myself that it is only a number and does not define ME.  But, darn it, sometimes it is so hard to keep this positive mantra only in your thoughts-and today is one of those days.
I just crept off of the scale and for the third week running, I have maintained.  I even went to the bathroom and came back-maintained.  Pushed the scale around, maintained.  Screamed at it to be honest-maintained.  I know, I know-obsession, much?  But the thing is, I gave myself a goal to lose the fourteen pounds by Christmas and I factored in a few weekend city breaks and half term vacation. I should have dropped two pounds by now, at least.  I know, I know as well that the body doesn't know it's duty sometimes, like it has a mind of its own.  But even Slimming World on line keeps asking me if I want to start over?!  I don't that is for sure, 132 pounds to go back, but even though I know I should pat myself on the back-and I am.  They seemed much easier to lose (not in reality it was tough) but, boy do I feel for us who are nearly there-a place I have never been to might be why I am so frustrated?
I want to blame working out-is this right though?  I started a month ago and have been keeping it up each week attending two Pilates sessions-one is fat burning and uses HIT techniques-I never thought I would love burpies!  Well, my current version anyway.  A kettlercise class-which I am hooked on.  I even purchased two for at home.  Plus gym sessions on my own.  I do look a little leaner, but that might be the exercise tights?  I have researched a lot on line, one Denis Faye-Science Director for Beach Body makes sense when stating that muscle is being built faster than fat is burning.  But in only a month?  One key theme everyone seems to write is to be patient.  I get that, I just haven't got it yet!
So what to do?  I am going to really stay in step with my combination of intermittent fasting and the Slimming World eating plan.  I have to admit, I am in my 50's now so recovering from a few days of indulgence will take longer.  I also have to admit that I have not been drinking enough water-so I'll step that up.  I know that I have lost all of my weight so far without any real form of exercise-apart from trying to do 10,000 steps a day, and even then, I was never consistent.  I need to develop muscle to sustain my weight loss, feel better and be healthier.
I am not sure the plateau is due to exercising, but I do now I am not about to stop.  I just love the way I feel after a session-I love that I, in my maturity, realize that I am only in competition with myself.   So 'self' keep it up and revisit your progress in another month.  In the mean time-relax and know that this plateau will pass-just don't give up.

Volup Vavoom,


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  1. Great job Leila - we actually do gain muscle quickly in our family (good genes), so this may be it. Keep working out because it feels so amazing and the results will kick in. Promise. You are adding shape to your body w/muscle. Plateaus stink. xo